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TT10 Series

High quality elegance and design at a really great price.

The TT10 range is an elegant range in which no corners have been cut in terms of the design. Only in its price does it differ significantly from other wood-burning stoves of the same level of quality. Thus, you really are getting a fantastic wood-burning stove for your money when you choose a TT10 stove.


A particular characteristic of this range is the stunning, high and curved panoramic front which creates a feeling of closeness and fills the room with heat.


The door has two-point closure which increases stability. The bottom of the combustion chamber and inside of the door are cast iron, which also helps ensure stability and a long lifespan. In terms of combustion, the TT10 is exceptional. The air supply can be adjusted quickly and easily via the air control grip located discreetly under the door.

Furthermore, all TT10 models can be connected to a fresh air supply via the stove’s air duct so that the combustion air is supplied from outside.

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Distinctive and elegant

The TT10 is the base model in the range. It features rounded steel sides which give the stove a simple, stylish look. In addition, the rounded edges frame the curved front elegantly and help elevate the whole stove to a higher level.


Fully evolved

With the TT10G you get a fully evolved version of the range’s base model.  The panoramic view it taken to a whole new height since the stove not only has the attractive curved front but also has glass panels on the side that open up the view of the mesmering flames.


Unique stone covering

The TT10S is a true copy of the base model but with one important exception. Namely, the TT10S is equipped with elegant solid soapstone covering. The stone absorbs the heat from the stove slowly and emits the accumulated heat long after the flames have gone out.

Soapstone is a natural product so its appearance varies from stove to stove and from stone to stone.


Varmefag med ekstra volume

is the largest model in this range. Just like all the other models in the range, it meets all the most stringent environmental requirements in Europe.  In addition, it has a unique heating compartment which differentiates it from the other models in the range. The heating compartment gives the stove an extra feature which comes in useful if you need to keep the coffee hot.

Like the TT10S, the stove is covered in natural soapstone, which retains heat from the stove for longer periods than a steel stove does.


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