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TT22 Series

More stove, more heating

The TT22 range is for those of you who love heat. It is larger, more voluminous and, not least, comes encased in a beautiful Danish design. The air control handle is easily accessible and you will find it just below the glass panel on the door. With this handle, you decide whether you want the fire to burn nice and slowly with an output of around 5kW, or whether you want rapid, powerful heat of up to 10 kW. You will enjoy the flames from a 26″ TT22 so much that you can turn off your TV.


The design originates from a Danish oar with respect for expression and quality. The materials are variable. You decide whether the covering on your stove is to be steel or soapstone. It is a choice that you can always change retrospectively if you want to change the outer shell of your stove. From a design aspect, you can also choose whether your TT22 is to be high or low, whether the sides are to be rounded or straight and whether you want to finish off the design with an attractive cover on the firewood storage compartment . Common to the entire range is the sturdy but elegant look and the fantastic flame picture that can’t be found anywhere else.


The bottom and door frame are constructed in cast iron, thus ensuring a long lifespan and stability. In addition, the range has a well thought-out deep combustion chamber which means that you can safely burn large pieces of firewood – measuring right up to 55 cm in length – which is unique among clean-burning stoves.

The stove is equipped with a ventilated and low-positioned handle that is always cool to the touch so you avoid burning yourself when you open the door.

The stove also has a practical ash drawer which is spacious and, not least, easily accessible. A lid is included so that the ash can be carried out safely.

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Vast spaciousness

The TT22 is a spacious stove with a classic steel design. Its large glass panel allows you to admire the living flames, fine details and an extremely minimalistic expression, despite its size.

Despite its size and effect, the stove is fairly easy to operate. You can burn both small and large pieces of firewood and, whatever you choose, the vast glass panel stays clean.


The model that just got more beautiful

The TT22H is the latest addition to the popular TT22 family. It is built on the same ingenious combustion chamber as the other models in the range and thus you are assured of mesmerising and effective combustion.

It has grown a little in size so you will get a slightly different, but still attractive, expression. The extra height has been added at the bottom where the firewood storage compartment is now closed off by an attractive cover with soft-touch magnetic closure.

The sides of the stove have also changed slightly. They are now rounded to make the stove even more voluminous.

The TT22H is the new steel variation, which has been fitted with a cast iron top that gives the stove a beautiful finish.


The most uncompromising of the models in the range

The TT22HS offers all the best features from the world of wood-burning stoves in 2015. Some will say it is large and heavy, others will say it is attractive and elegant, but nobody can deny that it is a fantastic piece of furniture in its own right, wherever it is placed.

The covering of the stove is soapstone which makes sure that the heat from the stove is stored for many hours and also emitted more slowly than you will be familiar with from standard steel or cast-iron stoves.


Serious heat, that beautifully accumulates

HST stands for Heat Storage and means that this stove is able to store heat for a longer time. The scenic soapstone cladding has a unique ability to store heat from the stove, in order to subsequently release it slowly in the room, long after the last embers have been extinguished. Thus, a longer and “softer” release of the heat is provided – just like in old tiled stoves.

4 large soapstone blocks are placed beneath the top stone, which also stores the heat from the stove.

The wood store chamber is closed off with soapstone which, together with the other soapstone cladding, frames the door and view of the flames beautifully.

Like the other TT22 stoves, the spacious fire chamber, with a total width of 57 cm, allows you to burn both small and large pieces of firewood.


Rounded shapes with capacity for heat

TT22R combines the low, compact look from TT22 with TT22H’s beautiful, rounded sides. The cast iron top and the rounded sides compliment the front’s soft lines – the result is a beautiful appliance.

Like other stoves in the TT22 series, the TT22R has a spacious fire chamber, with a total width of 57 cm, which allows you to burn both small and large pieces of firewood. However, even though the fire chamber is large, it is not necessary to fill it up completely in order to get a beautiful and clean burn. You can have a vigorous fire and receive a lot of heat, or you can merely enjoy a calm, smaller fire. All you have to do is lean back and enjoy the beautiful, wide view of the flames.

Underneath the fire chamber there is space to store firewood, and the ventilated “cool touch” handle means that you will not burn yourself when adding firewood to the fire.


Biggest window - greatest view

55cm wide burning chamber

XXL in a compact design

Biggest window – greatest view

Efficiency: 82%

Output up to 10kW (Nom. 7,5kW)

Cast iron top and soft curves

Cold grip

Only 1 handle to control the fire


Serious heat, retained in the beautiful soapstone

The TT22S, unlike the TT22, is covered in natural soapstone – a material that absorbs the heat from the stove slowly while, at the same time, emitting the very same heat long after the flames have gone out. That way, the heat is emitted over a period of may hours afterwards.

Thus, the stove differs from the other stoves in the range in its expression, choice of material and effect.


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