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TT40 Series

A timeless design, where the quality is second to none but the price is extremely affordable.

The TT40 range is one of our most popular stove ranges. It has a timeless design, a wealth of configuration options and a real find at the price. The combustion chamber is a sensible size which makes it easy to stoke the fire. Operating it is easy with just two air control levers. The door handle is made from cast stainless steel.


To complete the design, we have concealed the hinges and added a curved front, which gives the stove a “soft” transition. The door, bottom and log grate are made of cast iron – a material that guarantees stability and a long lifespan.


Like several of TermaTech’s other ranges, the TT40 stoves are equipped with an airwash, which blows the convection air down the glass, thus minimising the formation of soot and maintaining the beautiful flame picture. Common to all of the stoves in the range is that they all live up to the most stringent environmental requirements, are easy to operate and are among the most reasonably prices quality stoves on the market. If you prefer the front to be more closed off, a door is available for the firewood storage compartment.

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Handsome and simple

The TT40 is the basic model in the range. A handsome and simple wood-burning stove that meets all the requirements which typically apply to a modern wood-burning stove. The design is stylish and timeless, and there is a space below the door for storing firewood.


An inexpensive way of adding soapstone

The TT40S differs from the other models in the range in that the covering is the natural material, soapstone. It is a material which retains the heat for longer than a steel stove while, at the same time, giving the stove a more rustic look.

Wood-burning stoves with soapstone are normally more expensive, but since the TT40 range is a less expensive range it gives you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams without it costing considerably more.


Suitable for all types of locations.

Unlike the base model, the TT40R has rounded sides, thus creating a smooth transition from the curved door all the way round. Besides being nice to look at, the design means that the stove can either be positions against a wall or in a corner.

If you wish, you can purchase a door for the firewood compartment to complete the look.


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