From November 2015 enters a new regulation into force, introducing a scrappage scheme for older stoves and wood burner inserts by 1990 or earlier.

This means that you now ahead may 2000, – the scrapping of your old wood stove or fireplace, and instead buy a new environmentally friendly stove that fills the space after the old and takes better account of the environment.

Choose a TermaTech stove

Especially for TermaTech’s stoves and fireplaces is that they all are tested in recognized testing institutes before they reach the end consumer – is precisely to ensure that they meet stringent environmental requirements.

Our stoves are therefore an obvious alternative if you want a nice, efficient and environmentally friendly stove. See our full range here .

Compared to European standards set for particle measurement etc., All live TermaTech’s stoves and fireplaces also up to them, and most of our stoves is also eco-labeled.

Are you tilskudsberettet?

The following criteria must be met before you can scrap prize of 2.000, -:

  • the stove must be from 1990 or before
  • the stove must have been connected by. October 29, 2015 at the applicant’s address
  • the stove must be disconnected
  • Only private individuals can obtain grants
  • that can only be given a subsidy per. Candidate
  • that can only be given a subsidy per. address

(The stove is meant both stove and fireplace insert.)

You can read more about the grant, as well as where your application should be sent to

See Order here , and read Miljøstyrelsens own press release here .