Bio fireplaces

Different wishes
Individual solutions

Chimney-free fireplaces open up brand new possibilities for everyone
can enjoy the captivating magic and warmth of fire. Regardless if it is
to the house, apartment or holiday home creates our bio fireplace
the right atmosphere and cosiness – safe and environmentally friendly.

Since they are neither space consuming nor need to be connected to one
chimney, they can be placed virtually anywhere in the home.

The possibilities are endless.

What is a bio fireplace?

Unlike ordinary fireplaces and stoves, a bio fireplace burns using bioethanol.
Our bioethanol is produced exclusively from natural vegetable residues, is almost 100% clean-burning and does not emit smoke, ash, soot or particles when burned. The only residual products are a little water, heat and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, a bio fireplace does not need to be connected to a chimney, making it a good alternative to ordinary stoves.

The bio fireplace thus has the advantage that it can be placed almost anywhere in the home where it is desired to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Whether it is as a fireplace, room divider or as a free-standing fireplace, in principle does not matter. A bio fireplace is not very space consuming. It is therefore possible to install it in any conceivable room or in any conceivable situation.

Depending on the size and power of the burner, it will give off a comfortable heat to the home. The only requirement is that it receives the required amount of air for combustion and that it is adjusted to the size of the room.

Benefits of a bio fireplace


Framing / the frame

The insert is mounted in a frame made of a non-combustible material – such as calcium silicate, brick, lightweight or aerated concrete. The design and layout of the frame you decide: Room divider with built-in book or wine rack? Traditional fireplace or a tunnel fireplace with an opening on both sides? The possibilities are endless.

Once the frame is built up, it can be painted, plastered or covered with every conceivable surface. Ask your dealer for advice.



For our burners, we have developed a smart “6 in 1” insert. The insert is made of powder-coated 6 mm steel, and gives the perfect and exclusive “fireplace look”. With the “6 in 1” insert, it is possible to make 6 different lineups. The insert package contains all the parts required to make all 6 setups – easy and straightforward. In addition, a glass package can be selected, which contains 2 short and 2 long decorative glasses, which provide an exclusive framing of the fire, as well as smart magnetic glass clip holders, which can be placed as you wish.


There are 2 types of burners - automatic and manual

The automatic ones are switched on, regulated and switched off either via display or remote control.

Filling is done using an electric pump that is connected directly to the burner, and together with the built-in sensors, it makes use 100% safe. The combustion is regulated and controlled by a processor and the ethanol is preheated before it is ignited. It gives beautiful yellow flames from the moment it is lit up. Maximum user-friendliness with the nicest and most economical combustion.

The manuals are distinguished by the fact that they do not have to be connected to power and are cheaper.

Filling, igniting and switching off takes place manually. A ceramic inner core absorbs the bioethanol – which helps the ethanol to evaporate better, so an economical and better combustion is achieved compared to traditional burners.


Select the burner

Automatic burners

BioTronic 70 & 99

Manual burners

Bio 70 & 99


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