The EV8S is a LED fireplace in a classic design and, with its broad front glass, it creates a magical glow. The EV8S is supplied with the latest Evoflame technology and includes the E-touch app control system, which gives you full control over your product.

The app enables you to control the fire’s light strength and choose between two heat levels (1 or 2 Kw) or no heat.

As an additional feature, the EV8S can be combined with a bench measuring 137cm.

The EV8S comes with ceramic logs, along with, amber and ash-stones, which gives the fireplace a realistic appearance.

The EV8S is ideal for homes without chimneys – and wherever you want the warmth and atmosphere of a fire.

EV8S, fritstående LED pejs, LED pejs, LED pejs i hjemmet, pejsehygge

735 mm evoflame® effect
e-touch® App controlled
0,75kW or 1,5kW heat output
Invisible heater
Woodland ceramic log set, chippings
Glass fronted
Colour: Black
Shown with bench (not included)


TT20-serien, brændeovne, brændeovnshygge
CODE: E01-150
H – 520 mm | W – 855 mm | D – 315 mm | 45 kgLågetilbrændefag