Freestanding LED fireplaces

Freestanding LED fireplaces

Stylish LED fireplaces for your home’s design

Modern, stylish and flexible LED fireplaces for floors.

A free-standing LED can function as an object of design in your home. Depending on where you position it, you can achieve and enjoy a realistic flame effect from different angles. At the same time, the fireplaces have a stylish and modern appearance.

One of the benefits of a free-standing LED fireplace is that you can position it wherever you want. Therefore, it has a flexible function in your interior design. Moving the fireplace to a new location, if that’s what you want, is also easy and hassle-free.

See all our free-standing LED fireplaces below. You can also have a look at our LED fireplaces catalogue.



The EV8S is a LED fireplace in a classic design and, with its broad front glass, it creates a magical glow. The EV8S is supplied with the latest Evoflame technology and includes the E-touch app control system, which gives you full control over your product.

The app enables you to control the fire’s light strength and choose between two heat levels (1 or 2 Kw) or no heat.

As an additional feature, the EV8S can be combined with a bench measuring 137cm.

The EV8S comes with ceramic logs, along with, amber and ash-stones, which gives the fireplace a realistic appearance.

The EV8S is ideal for homes without chimneys – and wherever you want the warmth and atmosphere of a fire.


The Altair, like the Galileo, is a free-standing LED fireplace, but in wide-format design. This means the flames are 830mm wide.

Just as on other LED fireplaces, the intensity of the flames can be adjusted by using the app – E-touch.

The app also allows you to choose whether you want the hidden heater fan on or off, and at what intervals you want it to work.

The Altair is supplied in white, incl. ceramic firewood and chips to lie in front of the flames.

The power consumption is max 2 Kw.


The Galileo is a free-standing LED fireplace – designed to be placed directly on the floor.

The flames are 460 mm wide and, like the other LED fireplaces, the heat effect from the hidden heater fan as well as the flames are controlled by using the app – E-touch.

A “log box” is supplied as an accessory, where you can place some wood logs as an decorative to underline the coziness.

The Gallileo is supplied in white, incl. ceramic firewood and chips to lie in front of the flames.

The power consumption is max 2 Kw.


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