Wall-mounted LED fireplaces

Wall-mounted LED fireplaces

Decorate your wall with a stylish LED fireplace

We have wall-mounted LED in various colours and designs. They can all be mounted on practically all walls in your home – as you don’t need a chimney. So it’s up to you where you position it.

What all LED fireplaces have in common is their black rear plate, which creates a sharp overall visual image and lets the flames come into their own.

A wall-mounted LED fireplace is a space-saving feature as it doesn’t take up any floor space. With a wall-mounted LED fireplace you get a unique fireside coziness, as the focus is on the visual surround. Since LED fireplaces do not require a chimney, they are ideal for installing in flats.

See all our wall-mounted LED fireplaces below. You can also have a look at our LED fireplaces catalogue.


The Empire 2, with its curved front and light effect, is a modern and decorative LED fireplace for the majority of homes. The light strength of the flames as well as the side lighting on the stone sides is regulated easily and quickly by the app on your smartphone. Should you have a need for warmth, the otherwise unnoticeable heater fan has an output of 1-2,000 W when the automatic thermostat is activated. The accompanying accessories in the form of ceramic logs, ashes/coals, along with the realistic Evoflame technology flames, create a delightful, atmospheric mood. A LED stove also creates a warm atmosphere in the most environmentally-friendly way, thanks to its low-energy diodes, with a power consumption of only 17 W.


The Midori is our elegant wall-hung electric fireplace, which allows the fire to be enjoyed from three sides. It’s ideal if you want to use it as a room separator, if you wish to enjoy the fire from various positions. The fireplace’s settings of zero, 1 or 2 kw is controlled via the user-friendly app.

The ceramic logs and the anti-reflective glass in the side and front give your living room a cozy, realistic feel of fire. The Midori is supplied in black.


The Compton 1000 is one of our most popular wall-hung electric fireplaces.

The fire extends over approx. 1 meter wide, and the effect is enhanced by the anti-reflective glass in the side and front, which highlights the fire.

The light strength of the fire and the choice between heat (1 or 2 Kw) or no heat are controlled by the associated app.

The heater fan is hidden within the fireplace, so you only hear it faintly when you need warmth. Otherwise, you don’t see or hear it.

The decorative ceramic logs, together with the ash and amber effects, ensure the fire is as realistic as possible.

The power consumption of the fire is extremely low, as the fire is produced by low-energy LED diodes, together with a noiseless and economic fan.

The fireplace adds charm and coziness to your room, but it does so in the greenest way imaginable


The excellent workmanship and the neatly rounded sides of the Nimbus makes this model something quite unique. Five screws in the wall mount, hang the fireplace up and then plug it in. In just 10 minutes you’re ready to enjoy the coziness of the realistic flames, once you’ve downloaded the free E-touch control app on your smartphone. The realistic feel of a fireplace is enhanced by the accompanying decorative elements; ceramic logs, ashes and coals. The app controls the light strength of both the flames and the extra lighting, as well as the integrated room thermostat and timer. The discreet heater fan can be activated with a heat output of 1-2 kW, if required, whereas the stove’s general low-energy LED technology only uses 17 W.


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