An electric fire with modern LED technology allows you to enjoy the magical glow from the flames of a fire in an environmental
friendly way and without having to bother about a chimney, wood log handling or security issues.
For these reasons, the electrical fire is highly suitable for apartments, in which you don’t have any chimney and it’s also an easy solution for child family homes and modern low energy houses where fire is not required for heating, but simply for bringing coziness to you home.

Public places such as restaurants, cafés, trade fair stands or in the company reception are also among very appreciable places for our convenient solutions.

Whether you choose a build-in model which is fully integrable in the room’s structure or an even easier Plug & Play solution which can be put on the floor or hanged on the wall using only a few screws and the included wall fitting, the cozy atmosphere is always guaranteed.

Integreret elpejs

Our British sister company produces high-end electric fires since 2010 and they are in constant development to be ahead of the competitors. These efforts result in very nice fireplaces with a realistic flame image thanks to the new HALO technology which is furthermore emphasized by the flickering layer of glows and ash.

The atmosphere of the cozy flames consumes up to 51W and should heating be needed, the included thermostatic heat fan of 750-1500W will quickly bring you warmth.

The new flame design called HALO can be controlled by the Wi-Fi based e-smart app, which is freely downloadable to your smartphone, tablet, PC and is even compatible with Alexa voice command. Choose one of the six pre-selected animations from the app or create your very own to suite your mood or a given occasion. The app controls the flame image and brightness, the temperature control and the 7 day programmer.

LED fireplaces

All TermaTech electrical LED fi re places come with a 2 year warranty and are delivered ready to plug and play, with EU power cable,
interior decorations and the E-series built-ins also with side covers to make your fi replace open on 1, 2 or 3 sides.
Download the e-smart or e-smart cloud app to your smart device (phone or tablet), plug in your fi replace to a standard 220V socket and
you’re ready to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.