Real fire – made electric

LED fireplaces create the framework and opportunity to enjoy the fire’s magical glow and heat, completely without a chimney or firewood.

EvonicFires are market leaders in the production and development of modern LED fireplaces. The company has produced British quality LED fireplaces since 2010.

The realistic flame image is created by using the very newest low-energy LED technology, and therefore all the models are delivered with the EvonicFires evoflame effect as a standard. Several models are even delivered with EvonicFires’ awardwinning evoflame® ultraHD® effect technology, with an anti-reflective front glass which, together with the flickering glow layer, creates a realistic experience of an open fire.

Skov, efterår, hygge, brændeovnshygge

The technology is unique and innovative, which contributes to EvonicFires’ leadership position on the market. Now you could believe that the integrated 2 step fan heater would use a lot of electricity, but this is not the case. With a power consumption of only 1-2 kW, the fi replaces will not overload the total power consumption. Only 51 W are used for the actual lighting and fl ames.

All the fi replaces are operated via an app, which provides full control of the fi re, as well as functions such as:

• Flame and light dimming

• Thermostat controlled on / off function

• Individually programmed weekly management / hour functions

LED fireplaces