Enjoy the captivating glow of the fire and create the setting for a cozy and magical atmosphere with our TermaTech outdoor products. The products are designed to give you even more enjoyment outdoor in the summer evenings.

Take a look at our outdoor products and get inspiration on how to move the live fire outside and create the perfect setting for a cozy atmosphere.


The TermaTech “Skagen” was designed as an outdoor lighting for any exterior setting. It creates elegant ambient fire and cosy warmth wherever placed.

This stylish fireplace can be displayed in front of a restaurant, it can compose an original lighting along an exterior walkway or serve as a decorative fireplace on a hotel patio or terrace. The possible ways to arrange the TermaTech “Skagen” are limitless.


SPIN is a magic flame vortex for biogel. Gather friends and family, enjoy the heat and be enchanted by the 500% magnified flame created by flame rotation and convection effect. SPIN can be used as table lamp, lantern and garden torch.

Video about ”SPIN"

SPIN – a spinning flame in a glass tube, beautiful, soothing & warm.

Watch video about "SKAGEN"

Get wiser on “Skagen” in the video, where you can also see the fireplace in action.

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