SPIN – a spinning flame in a glass tube, beautiful, soothing & warm

Is there anything more cozy than gathering with friends and family around a living fire on the patio, balcony, in the garden or indoors? With fire, everything becomes more beautiful and heart-warming.    SPIN brings coziness and a captivating magic to you and your loved ones with its unique flame.

SPIN is a fascinating spinning flame that creates a magical atmosphere. Enjoy the heat from the 500% magnified flame created by flame rotation and convection effect. SPIN brings fire and atmosphere to you.

Expressive flames

Enjoying the expressive flames is easy. Pour biogel into the filling container*, place the container in the stainless steel foot and light it. Then place the glass cylinder, which is made of high quality borosilicate glass, and enjoy the luminous vortex of flames.

* Note. Only bio gel from Höfats may be used.

Several variants

SPIN is available in two colors, silver and gold, and you can choose between two sizes. The SPIN 120 has a burning time of approx. 80 minutes, while the SPIN 90 has a burn time of approx. 60 minutes. If you want to extinguish SPIN before the fire goes out, simply place the enclosed extinguishing lid onto the glass cylinder, and the flame goes out in a matter of seconds.

Extinguishing lidBiogel
Solid foot with non-slip surfaceGround spike
Refill cup

SPIN torch

SPIN Torch – Transform SPIN into a torch by purchasing a ground spike that can be easily attached to the ground. Just stick the spike in your lawn and SPIN will enchant your guests for your next garden party and become the eye-catcher of the evening.


    • Can be used as table lamp, lantern, garden torch.
    • SPIN 90 can be used indoors.
    • Burning time approx. 80 min (SPIN 120), approx. 60 min (SPIN 90).
    • Material: Stainless steel and borosilicate glass.
    • SPIN is intended for private use only.