With a wood-burning stove you can transform your orangery greenhouse into your favourite winter place and enjoy the many joyful hours surrounded by nature while staying warm during those cold days.

There are many orangery possibilities. You will have an extra room where you can gather your loved ones and enjoy the hours of daylight in both summer and winter. You can furnish it with exactly what inspires you the most and it will be the perfect place to invest in a stove.

Make the time together even more pleasant with a wood-burning stove

When cold winter evenings arrive, a garden evening is not the first priority, and even if you have an orangery it will undoubtedly be cold. For this reason it is a good idea to buy a stove which you can use to heat it which will extend the time you can spend in orangeries – both in summer and in winter. Who wouldn’t want to spend pleasant hours enjoying the heat and nature while observing the dancing play of the flames?

Which stove should you choose?

Which stove to choose depends on your needs and the size of your orangery. It is especially important not to choose an overly large stove. If the stove is too large, it cannot reach the correct temperature in the wood-burning chamber, the glass blackens and the smoke turns black which, in addition to being harmful to the environment, will annoy your neighbours and will require more frequent cleaning. It is therefore a good rule to invest in a small stove rather than in a large one, which doesn’t work as expected and damages the environment. A small stove with a small wood-burning chamber burns cleanly in a small room and it can be said that it provides a lot of heat cleanly.

Find your new stove for your orangery.

At TermaTech we have a large selection of wood-burning stoves that are suitable for an orangery. All our stoves have in common the fact that they have been developed with high quality craftsmanship, that they are environmentally friendly and that they respect and satisfy the most stringent requirements in Europe. Explore our website and find your new stove or contact us if you have any questions. You are always welcome to contact our dealers.

Wood-burning stoves that fits your orangery