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The perfect home depends on the detail. Therefore, at TermaTech we have an wide selection of accessories to make it easier for you to create the perfect space and environment for your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

Our extensive selection of accessories includes everything from firetools and wood baskets to floor plates, extractors and chimneys. They are also available in a range of colours so you can assemble the accessories that match your living room perfectly.

Kindling Cracker

  • The easiest, funniest and safest way to split firewood
  • A fantastic accessory for your fireplace, wood-burning stove and fire pan, at home or at your cabin
  • Split chopped logs into kindling in seconds
  • Safety ring, 16cm in diameter
  • 5 year guarantee – however, the varnish is not eligible for complaint

Kindling Cracker King

• Safety ring, 22cm in diameter
• Wood-splitter suited for everyone, children, elderly and persons with reduced vision or physical handicaps
• No need for a sharp axe or special tools
• Can be bolted or screwed into place, if needed
• 5 year guarantee – however, the varnish is not eligible for complaint

Child safety gate

Keep your children at a safe distance from the wood-burning stove or fireplace with TermaTech’s child safety gates The design is modern, flexible and stylish. The child safety gate is available in black and white and can be extended as required. The products meets all European safety requirements and is one of the few to bear the CE label.

There is an accompanying wall bracket onto which the gate can be clipped safely. The wall bracket can be screwed securely to the wall or door frame. If you need to use the space, the gate can be folded up and packed away quickly and easily.


Cleaning and maintenance

We have everything you need for cleaning and maintaining your wood-burning stove so that you can have a clean and great looking stove.

We have sealing bands and lacquer for all the well-known wood-burning stoves on the market and spare parts for TermaTech stoves.


TermaTech’s crocodile tongs are, without a doubt, the best firewood tongs on the market. Using just one hand, you can easily and safely place firewood in your stove or fireplace. Moreover, the tongs are shaped like crocodile jaws, which ensures that you get a firm grip of the fuel and, at the same time, avoid having to get your fingers too close to the fire.



Consider the environment when you fire up. TermaTech’s Biofirestarters are in a class of their own. The firestarters consist of natural wood shavings dipped in natural wax. Use 1 or 2 every time you fire up and get your wood-burning stove, barbecue or bonfire going quickly.

If you need somewhere to store your firestarters, you can choose one of TermaTech’s elegant containers in rubber or leather.


We have a wide selection of firewood baskets and containers in an array of lovely materials and colours. You will find the exact design or colour that matches your room and stove or fireplace.

The selection includes everything from firewood carts and firewood boxes to buckets and baskets so that whether you want to emphasise or conceal the natural appearance of the firewood, we have a solution for you.

See our Italian-designed plastic containers for wood pellets, lime-green or orange felt baskets or baskets in leather, rubber or steel. The only limit to the uses for the numerous ranges is your imagination and we can (almost) guarantee that you will find a basket or container that matches your taste and needs perfectly.


TermaTech’s floor plates cover all your needs. We offer floor plates in steel or glass and in a variety of sizes and shapes. The steel plates are available in black or grey.


TermaTech’s flue pipes cover all your needs. We have flue pipes in the dimensions Ø80mm, Ø100mm, Ø120mm, Ø125mm, Ø130mm, Ø150mm, Ø180mm and Ø200mm. The range consists of over 1000 items in different sizes, angles and colours.

Heat exchange

Heat exchange is basically a good idea as an efficient wood-burning stove generates a great deal of heat. It may be advantageous to “transport” the heat you don’t need in the room in which the stove is located to other locations.

TermaTech offers a smart heat exchanger/ventilator we call “Heat Power”. This ventilator is placed on top of the stove and as soon as the surface temperature goes above 60°C it starts to rotate. Thus, the warm air further into the room/throughout the house. No power supply is required since the electricity is generated from the stove. It is an ingenious invention which many wood-burning stove owners are already enjoying and benefiting from.



If you would like to know more about a specific product or have any other questions, please contact your nearest dealer.

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