Square stoves

A selection of our wood-burning stoves are made with more square shapes. They give a minimalist look with clean and timeless lines.

You can see the square look in our TT60 and TT30 series. Our TT60 series follows contemporary trends and fashions. For the series we were inspired by our first TT1 stove, in which the focus was particularly oriented towards simplicity and essentiality. But we were also inspired by the “Grande Arche” in Paris. The focus in designing our TT30 series was to try to create a stove with an edge. The stoves are simple but elegant, with lines that develop inwards and upwards, and where the focus is on the formation of the flame.

See the stoves of the two series below. We also recommend that you explore further our catalogue of wood-burning stoves.

Why choose a square stove?

A square stove is a good choice for anyone who appreciates a minimalistic look with clean, timeless lines. A square stove is also ideal for anyone who likes to watch the flames. The stove is in fact built with lines oriented inside, so that the gaze is naturally drawn towards the play of flames.

What are the benefits of a square stove?

The clean, timeless lines of a square stove fit into virtually any decor, and it's a true pleasure to keep such a stove in many places in the house.

Where can I put a square stove?

The clean design of a square stove makes it suitable for many homes and a variety of furnishings. It can be placed either against a straight wall or in a corner. So you will have many ways to adapt it to any decor in your home.