Stove with heat storage module

We have developed a heat storage module in beautiful Soapstone for some of our wood-burning stoves. These are the models: TT20RS, TT21RS, TT21RLS and TT21RHS.

Specifically, the module consists of a platform and 6 Soapstone components. The main advantage is that Soapstone is a natural material, which stores the energy of heat and releases it slowly. When you combine the stove with the heat storage module, you have the possibility of saving heat for up to 13 hours after the fire has gone out. This is demonstrated by the results of tests performed in an environment of 70 m2 with normal insulation and room height.

Below are shown the wood-burning stoves that can be used with the heat storage module. You can also consult our catalogue of wood-burning stoves to see additional models.

What is a heat storage module?

A heat storage module is mounted above the stove and is used to exploit the heat of the stove more effectively. The accumulation of heat takes place in the module, which consists of 6 Soapstone components and a platform. Soapstone is used because it has a good ability to accumulate heat.

What are the benefits with a heat storage module?

A heat storage module allows you to keep warm. The test results, in an environment of 70m2, with normal height and insulation, show that a heat storage module can maintain heat for up to 13 hours after the last flame goes out.

Why choose a heat storage module?

It is a good idea to choose a heat storage module if you want a stove that needs to be kept lit for a long time. The stove's ability to heat and distribute heat quickly and pleasantly, as well as accumulate it, is the result obtained when a heat storage module is applied over a wood-burning stove. A large part of the fire energy remains stored for many hours after the stove is turned off and the heat is gradually released into the room.