Stoves with rounded sides

Are you looking for a wood-burning stove that with its design provides a harmonious and coordinated appearance? Then you’re in the right place.

Many of our stove series have been developed with rounded sides, which results in clean and soft shapes. The rounded sides also help to create a harmonious whole, which fits well both in a corner and on a vertical wall.

The wood-burning stoves that can have rounded sides can be seen below. You can also find all our stove models in our catalogue of wood-burning stoves.

Where can I put a stove with rounded sides?

A stove with rounded sides is perfect for placing against a straight wall or in a corner. The rounded sides create a harmonious whole, so the stove can fit into many places in your home.

Why choose a stove with rounded sides?

If you like soft shapes and a clean design, you should ideally choose a stove with rounded sides. The rounded sides provide the stove with a coordinated and harmonious appearance, which means that it can be placed either in a corner or against a straight wall.

What are the benefits of a stove with rounded sides?

The greatest advantage with rounded-sided stoves is that they can be easily placed anywhere in the room. The rounded sides give the stove a clean look that is suitable for almost any type of interior.