Stoves with side glass panels

Is a side glass panel one of the requirements of your new stove? Then perhaps we have what you are looking for.

With a side glass panel you will have a very good view of the hot flames as well as being able to enjoy the dance of flames from multiple angles. Thus the sensation of being around the fire is strengthened.

We offer wood-burning stoves with 3 side glass panels, one in front and two on the sides. Below you can see our stoves with side glass panels. Do you want to see what our other stoves are? Take a look at our catalogue.

What is a side glass panel?

A side glass panel is, as the name implies, a window that is positioned on the side of the stove. A side glass panel is also called side window. The side glass panel allows you to see the enchanting flames from the side, meaning you don't need to stand in front of the stove to enjoy the seductive view of the fire.

Why choose a stove with side glass panels?

You should choose a stove with side glass panels if you like to see the fire flickering from multiple angles. The side glass panel really allows you to see the flames and their presence helps to create an even more pleasant atmosphere.

What are the benefits of a stove with side glass panels?

The greatest advantage of a stove with side glass panels is that it lets you enjoy the view of the flames from multiple angles and in fact reinforces the feeling of sitting around a fire.

What are the disadvantages of a stove with side glass panels?

If you want to place your stove in a corner where it is difficult to see the sides of the stove, avoid choosing a stove with side glass panels. You would miss out on the function of the side glass panels, namely that of being able to see the flames from all sides.