Classic with a modern view of the fire

If you are addicted to the warm glow of the fire and its dancing flames, the TT10G is the perfect match for you. You can enjoy the fire from different angles, as if you were sitting round an open fire.

The stove is easy and very simple to operate with a single air control handle located just below the door.


Nominal effect in kW: 6
Operating range in kW: 3-8
Efficiency %: 82
Heats m2: 30-140

Available accessories

Air connection kit


Weight in kg: 116
Fresh air connection possible: Yes
Convection stove: Yes
Airwash: Yes
Ashdrawer: Yes
Controlhandle: 1
Connection at the top or rear: Yes/Yes
Colour Black: Yes
Warranty, years up to: 5

CE/EN 13240 – HETAS, 15A, VKF, SINTEF, DINplus

TT20-serien, brændeovne

Dimensions in mm
Flue pipe connection diameter: 150
Combustion champer width/depth: 340/309

Distance to flammable objects
Behind the stove: 100
Behind the stove with insulated pipe: 100
To the side: 450
To the side with insulated pipe: 450
With 45° corner setup: 150
With 45° corner setup with insulated pipe: 150
Furnishing distance front: 900