TT20 Series

TT20 Series

Unique operational comfort, with high product quality and the best value for your money.

TermaTech TT20 is a range of stoves that combine the best operational comfort, with high product quality and sleek Scandinavian design.

And then there is the price. We have designed the TT20 to be a real ‘people’s stove’ one of the most popular stoves on the market for the price. Naturally the stoves fulfil the latest and most stringent European requirements: the efficiency is even above 83%.

Seven models – all designed with care and manufactured out of high quality materials. Regardless of the model you choose, you can be sure of solid construction and well thought out design.


Choose between straight or rounded steel sides, alternatively soapstone covering with straight or round sides. The soapstone can even be fitted retrospectively for a new look.


It is easy to control the air for combustion. An air regulator, discretely placed under the cover does it all. You can connect fresh air/outdoor air directly to the combustion chamber on the TT20, which may be necessary in newly built or newly renovated homes.

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All the advantages but at a lower price.

For those who want the advantages of the TT20 for the lowest possible investment. The design with its two free-standing legs is modern, light and yet reminiscent of the older cast-iron stoves. It gives you the latest technology combined with a classic appearance.

TT20 Bazic R

In a class of its own

TT20Bazic R with its rounded sides is the latest addition to our best-selling, tried and tested wood-burning stove range.

Here is a firebox which complies with all the tough European requirements, together with a stove which is amazingly easy to use and control. The low position of the handle and convection cooling ensure you can always operate
the stove without the use of gloves. In terms of price, TT20Bazic R is in a class of its own. Taking price, quality and features into consideration, there is scarcely a better alternative on the market. The stove’s size and output are perfect for smaller rooms or holiday cottages. Many buyers like the option of storing wood in the compartment under the door, but if you prefer a more elegant and closed design, a blanking cover can be purchased for mounting over the firewood compartment.


The heart of the home

The range’s slim basic model. The stove has straight steel sides lacquered in black or grey.

For those who want all of the TT20 advantages for an economic price. Operation of the stove is so simple that anyone can quickly and easily become familiar with it. The air intake has a single operating handle which gives immediate control.


Rounded forms

As the base model but equipped with rounded steel sides. The round sides create an adaptable unit that is suitable for both a straight wall or placing in a corner.


Elegant covering with heat storage

Equipped with straight sides and top plate in soapstone. Soapstone absorbs the heat slowly and gives off the accumulated heat long after the fire has died out. Soapstone is a 100% natural product and its appearance varies from stove to stove.


A warming focal point

Fitted with almost 80 kilos of rounded soapstone on the sides and top plate. The lavish amount of soapstone isn’t just a beautiful cover, it ensures even more heat is absorbed and subsequently released than in other smaller soapstone stoves.


Attractive and powerful heat storage

The TT20RS Heat storage model is covered with soapstone and with the additional soapstone modules this specific model has you will achieve the maximum heat storage that accumulates and then emits an incredible amount of heat at one and the same time.

The advantage of soapstone, in general, is that it is a material that absorbs the heat from the stove slowly while, at the same time, emitting the very same heat long after the flames have gone out. Thus, the heat emitted from the stove is more evenly distributed and you can enjoy it for a longer period.

A unique feature of the TT20RS is that you can still feel the effect of the soapstone for up to 13 hours* after the last firing up.

  1. The plinth stone, which you can see, is primarily a design element since it does not get hot.


Sandstone – a light and elegant covering

If you love the look, feel and extra efficiency of soapstone but prefer a warmer look then this beautiful Indian sandstone is for you.

The characteristics of the Indian sandstone are every bit as good as the soapstone but the appearance is very different. The TT20SA is available in black with sandstone.


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