TT21 series


Timeless elegance and tiptop quality at an attractive price.

The TT21 stove range satisfies all the requirements and desires which a modern user could ask for. Easy operation and smart cast-iron details, all packaged in a timeless and stylish Scandinavian design – and available at very a reasonable price.


There are two basic variants to choose from – with or without soapstone. On top of this, you can add details such as heat storage, a shaped glass floor plate or a log store door with an option for integrated fire tools.

The elegant door handle emphasises the clean design. Combined with the unique closing mechanism on the cast-iron door, operated by means of heat-resistant magnets, this guarantees optimum ease of use and a long service life.

As an additional option, the handle in the TT21 range is also offered in black-lacquered stainless steel.


Combustion is controlled by a discreet and easily operated regulator handle under the cast-iron door, while the large ash box and its door make disposing of the ash simple and clean, when, rarely enough, it needs emptying.

The depth of the combustion chamber provides good, effective firing, while allowing for a large ember layer and preventing ash from blowing out.

The top plate, door, flue outlet and combustion chamber base are all made from cast iron, thus extending lifespan and enhancing stability.

In modern highly airtight homes, it may be necessary to connect a fresh air supply to the stove, as the amount of combustion air your stove needs may be insufficient if taken solely from the room.

All TT21 models can be directly connected to a fresh air supply from the combustion chamber by means of a fresh air connector and a fresh air kit. (Optional extra)

A further advantage of using external fresh air is that the stove does not use the home’s heated air for combustion. In this way, the heated air stays in the home, thus increasing your comfort and saving you money.

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High product improvement.

The TT21R is the result of five years of continuous product improvement.

The wood-burning stove’s elliptical “core” is based on the DNA of the well-known, tried and tested TT20 range, but in this version it has been updated with a superb cast iron top with associated convection grille and cover, also in cast iron.

The gentle shapes are reflected in the elegant, timeless cast iron door, which closes with the aid of two heat-resistant magnets.

This means there is no need at all for moving parts in the door design, guaranteeing a long useful life and maintenance-free function.


The complete experience

The TT21RS wood-burning stove completes your experience of the elements.

The crackling flames from the fire combine beautifully with the raw, rustic exterior of soapstone and bring to mind the primeval forces of nature.

The unique, heat-retaining properties of the soapstone combine with the gentle shapes in the elegant, timeless cast iron door, which closes with the aid of two heat-resistant magnets. This means there is no need at all for moving parts in the door design, guaranteeing a long useful life and maintenance-free function


Slim and elegant

Slim and elegant – these two words sum up the TT21RH. The whole essence of the TT21RH is based on an increasing demand for a more elevated fireplace, which makes it easier to contemplate the beauty of the flames. The practical door to the wood compartment enables stove accessories to be stored on its inner side.


Clean and timeless lines

TT21RHS is the top model in the TT21 range. The photos speak for themselves, but if we were to pick out any of the many highlights of this stove, it would be the generous amount of soapstone, and the clean and timeless lines. As standard, the TT21RHS is supplied with a practical steel door over the firewood compartment, but if your preference is for diamond-polished Brazilian soapstone, the stove is also available with plinth stones in the firewood compartment.

The textured surface of the cast iron, combined with the smooth surface of the stone, automatically leads the thoughts to the earthly elements, here beautifully united.


Small details make a big difference. And that is also true of the TT21RL. The stove is just 10 cm lower in height than its big sister, the TT21R. This makes the stove more compact, which may be desirable where ceilings are low. At the same time, the wood compartment is screened by a blanking cover, giving the stove a sleek and elegant look. Operation of the stove is so simple that anyone can quickly and easily become familiar with it – and therefore it is particularly suitable for rental holiday homes.


Compact, rustic and timeless – three words which characterise the TT21RLS. The soapstone cladding is not just attractive and impressive, it also has a unique ability to absorb the heat from the fireplace and continue releasing it long after the fire has gone out. As on the other TT21 models, the door is made from 100% cast iron, which not only has a rustic appearance, but also perfectly matches the texture of the stone.


High product improvement.

If you prefer the design of the TT21R but still want the excellent heatretention qualities of the soapstone on the TT21RS, as a completely new and unique feature, we have now combined the two stoves by lacquering the soapstone in black.


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