TT22 Series

TT22 Series

More stove, more heating

Heat lovers will love TermaTech’s TT22 range. Timeless Danish design combined with high quality build and environmentally friendly combustion. Single handle air control makes it simple to manage the level of heat output and the flame height. You can burn the stove slowly with a 5kW heat output or work the stove harder with a high output, around 10kW. Options include: black or grey, steel or soapstone. The effi ciency is even above 82%.


The handle is ventilated and it’s position means that it is always cool to the touch so you avoid burning your fingers.


If you want to change the look of your stove once installed then the soapstone covering can be added retrospectively to replace the steel and maximise the conversion of your fuel into heat. We have high models, low models and a unique variant which almost seems to hover in the air, with a pedestal foot. And if you should at any time want to give your stove a make-over, the cladding on many models can be changed from steel to soapstone, or vice versa. Common to all TT22 models is that they can be connected to the flue from the top or from the rear.

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Vast spaciousness

The TT22 is easy to operate, with a stay cool handle. The beautiful design is built to last. If you are looking for a beautiful contemporary stove with a large heat output then please visit your local TermaTech stove dealer.


The model that just got more beautiful

The TT22H is built on the same ingenious combustion chamber as the other models in the range and thus you are assured of mesmerising and effective combustion. The extra height has been added at the bottom where the firewood storage compartment is now closed off by an attractive cover with soft-touch magnetic closure.


The most uncompromising of the models in the range

The T T22HS offers all the best features from the world of woodburning stoves. Some will say it is large and heavy, others will say it is attractive and elegant, but nobody can deny that it is a fantastic piece of furniture in its own right, wherever it is placed.


Serious heat, that beautifully accumulates

HST stands for Heat Storage and means that this stove is able to store heat for a longer time. 4 large soapstone blocks are placed beneath the top stone, which also
stores the heat from the stove. Like the other TT22 stoves, the spacious fire chamber, with a total width of 57 cm, allows you to burn both small and large pieces of firewood.


Rounded shapes with capacity for heat

The cast iron top and the rounded sides compliment the front’s soft lines – the result is a beautiful appliance. Underneath the fire chamber there is space to store firewood, and the ventilated “cool touch” handle means that you will not burn yourself when adding fi rewood to the fire.


Biggest window - greatest view

TT22RP is part of the TT22 range, but is distinguished by the special lightness of its appearance. The panoramic view of the fl ames inside the stove, combined with the wide foot gives the stove stability, but at the same time a harmony of overall design. The stove’s external sides are rounded, so the impression of lightness is reinforced by the softness of the forms.

The stove almost appears to hover in the air, in large part due to the pedestal, which has an integrated fresh air inlet, easily activated.

Together with the pedestal, the wide cast-iron foot guarantees the stove’s 100% stability, but it can also be adjusted to match any unevenness in the floor.

The TT22RP is unique in appearance, due to the combination of large firebox, compact cast-iron design, wide panoramic viewing area and elegant lightness.


Serious heat, retained in the beautiful soapstone

The TT22S, unlike the TT22, is covered in natural soapstone – a material that absorbs the heat from the stove slowly while, at the same time, emitting the very same heat long after the flames have gone out. That way, the heat is emitted over a period of may hours afterwards.

Thus, the stove differs from the other stoves in the range in its expression, choice of material and effect.


TT22RP is now also offered with soapstone, and the name for this is TT22RPS. It is distinguished by the special lightness of its appearance, while still having a complete weight of 282 kg. The panoramic view of the flames inside the stove, combined with the wide foot, gives the stove stability, but at the same time provides the stove with a harmonic look in its overall design. TT22RPS is equipped with a hidden, integrated fresh air vent and a combustion chamber with a width of 57 cm. Compact cast iron and soapstone design, large panoramic view, and an elegant lightness.

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