TT22 Series

More stove, more heat

Anyone who appreciates heat will love TermaTech’s TT22 range. Timeless Danish design combined with high quality and environmentally sound combustion.

Single-handle air control is easily accessible just below the door. In the TT22 range, you determine whether you prefer gradual heat at around 5 kW, or rapid, strong heat at up to 10 kW. The TT22 range includes many different versions, based on the same fantastic combustion chamber. Choose between black and grey, and soapstone cladding.


Choose between steel or soapstone cladding, with straight or rounded sides. There are tall models, short models and a unique, almost floating version on a pedestal foot. If you at any time wish to give your stove a new look, for many models the cladding can be changed from steel to soapstone, or vice versa. All of the TT22 models share in common that they can be installed and connected to the flue from above and from the rear.


It‘s easy to control the combustion air using an air regulator placed discreetly under the door. You can connect fresh air/air from the outdoors directly to the TT22’s combustion. This may be necessary in new or newly renovated homes.

For all models in the range, cast iron is used in the base and inside the door, to ensure its durability and stability. In some models, the stove’s top panel is also made of solid cast iron, to give the stove a special rounded and exclusive look.

The TT22H is the most popular large stove in our range

The cast-iron top and rounded sides give the stove aesthetically perfect proportions.
The stove’s height means that it suits any home, even though it has extra capacity for a lot of firewood.