The stone variant with black quartzite (Black Sea)

The stone variant with black quartzite (Black Sea) comes in traditional black stove colour. The TT22HS-BS is equipped with a cold handle as standard.

Anyone who appreciates heat will love TermaTech’s TT22 series. Timeless Danish design combined with high quality and environmentally sound combustion. The easy to use controls, with just one air adjustment lever, are easily accessible below the door. In the TT22 series, you determine whether you prefer gradual heat at around 5 kW, or rapid, strong heat at up to 10 kW. The TT22 series now also includes a stone variant in black quartzite. If you like the advantages and features of soapstone, but at the same time want a different look, you now have the option of choosing elegant dark quartzite (Black Sea). The heat-storage properties are almost the same as soapstone, but the appearance is quite different.


Nominal effect in kW: 7,5
Efficiency %: 82
Heats m2: 40-160
Operating range in kW: 5-10


Weight in kg: 227 kg
Warranty, years up to: 5


Dimensions in mm

H / L / W: 1038 / 482 / 756

TT22 serie