Eye-catching design with heat storage

The TT22RP is now also offered with soapstone cladding as the TT22RPS. It is distinguished by it’s cast iron pedestal, which carries 282 kg of beautiful, natural soapstone. The panoramic view of the stove’s flames, combined with the broad foot, ensures stability and also gives the stove a balanced appearance.

TT22RPS, brændeovn, TT22-serien, brændkammer, brændeovn med fedtsten

Nominal effect in kW: 7,5
Operating range in kW: 5-10
Efficiency %: 82
Heats m2: 40-160


Weight in kg: 282
Colour Black: Yes
Warranty, years up to: 5

CE/EN 13240 – HETAS, DEFRA(Smokeless zones), 15A, VKF, SINTEF, DINplus, BimSchV 1+2

Dimensions in mm

1006 / 756 / 476


TT22 serie