Enjoy the fire from all sides

The TT23 series is one of two brand new stove series from TermaTech.

This is a wood-burning stove series that can satisfy all of the modern consumer’s needs and requirements. Easy operation and beautiful cast iron details wrapped in a stylish and timeless Scandinavian design featuring a large curved front window and two large side windows, means you can enjoy the fire from all sides.


Choose between two different variants – steel sides with cast iron top or heat-retaining soapstone sides and soapstone top. You can also purchase either a moulded glass or steel floor plate and a fireplace set for the stove’s built-in firewood compartment door. The elegant door handle underlines the clean design. The unique closing mechanism of the cast-iron door featuring heat-resistant magnets, guarantees optimum ease of use and a long service life. As an option, the handle of the TT23 series is also available in a black, stainless steel version.


The flames are easily controlled using the discreet adjustment handle located under the cast-iron door. The large ash tray with attached lid makes it easy and clean to carry out the ash when it needs to be emptied. The depth of the combustion chamber provides good, efficient burning, allowing for a large ember layer and preventing ash from blowing out. The top plate, door and combustion chamber base are all made from cast iron, thereby extending the stove’s lifespan and enhancing stability. In newer and very airtight houses it may be necessary to connect external fresh air to the stove. This is because the amount of air your wood-burning stove needs for actual combustion may not be sufficient if it only comes from the room. This is included in this option on all Termatech wood-burning stoves.