A sleek and timeless look in cast iron

TT30 is the series for real enthusiasts. Doors, top and combustion chamber are made of cast iron, which gives the stove a solid look. The stove is slimmer than many of the other models, which makes it light in design despite the solid material choice.


Simple but elegant. The characteristic inward lines of the door and the top focus on the flame image, and that sleek stainless steel handles complete the look of the stove.

TT30GS, TT30G and TT30G Classic are fitted with side glass which gives an absolutely fantastic experience of the flames. The firewood door is also made of cast iron and is prepared to be able to integrate a fireplace set that is available as an accessory.


The cast iron door is closed by two magnets, which means that all moving parts are omitted in the closing mechanism.

A single control handle that controls the combustion is located between the door and the fire compartment, so it can be easily operated. The built-in boot function makes the use of the TT30 easy.

The window is equipped with an efficient “window flush,” which leads the combustion air down over the pane so that soot formation is minimized and the stunning flame image is preserved.

The TT30 series is equipped with fresh air connection, which allows external combustion air to be connected directly to the stoves air duct. This is often necessary in modern and new homes that are well insulated and airtight. Common to all TT30 models is that they can be mounted and connected to the chimney both above and behind.

The TT30G is this range’s most popular choice.

The side glass panels give a panoramic view of the fire’s magical flames.
The narrow, slim design means the TT30G is unobtrusive when it’s not in use, while it is still the room’s centrepiece when the fire is lit.