TT30 Series

TT30 Series

A sleek and timeless look in cast iron

The TT30 is a range of wood-burning stoves for real connoisseurs, The doors, top and combustion chamber are constructed from cast iron, an extremely robust material, that gives the stove a solid look and feel. Moreover, the stove is slimmer than our other models, meaning that it appears light despite the solid choice of material.


In terms of design, we have tried to create a stove with a sharp edge. Simple, but elegant. The characteristic inward-sloping edges on the door and the top place the focus on the fl ame picture and the lovely stainless steel handle completes the stylish look.

The vertical lines of the insulation material further underline the simplicity in the contemporary sleek Scandinavian design.


The cast-iron door is closed by means of two magnets. This means that all movable wear parts are omitted from the closing mechanism. Easy operation is also a must, and the regulating handle, which controls all air supply, is therefore located between the door and the firewood storage compartment so that it is easy to operate.

The glass panel is equipped with an effective “air wash” that blows the convection air down the glass. This way, the formation of soot is minimised and the fantastic fl ame picture is maintained.

Furthermore, the TT30 is equipped with a fresh air connector whereby the fresh convection air can be extracted from outside and connected directly to the stove’s air duct. This is often necessary in modern and new build properties which are well insulated and airtight.

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Clean lines

Elegant design, quality finish and easy operation are the most important characteristics of TermaTech’s new wood-burning stove – the TT30. The door, top and fire chamber are made of cast iron, an extremely strong material that gives the stove a solid look.

The stove is also slimmer than many of our other models, which means that it has a light appearance despite the solid choice of materials.


Beautiful side glass

With glass on three sides, the TT30G provides a fantastic experience; allowing the flame to be enjoyed from several different angles. The design is simple, elegant and timeless.


Soapstone in combination with side windows

TT30GS combines uncompromising functionality and design. The “side windows” in the soapstone are uniquely carved and polished out of one single piece of soapstone, so that the stove’s elegant and slender lines are maintained without unnecessary joints in the stone. The doors, stove top and fi re chamber base are made of cast iron and, as mentioned, the rest of the appliance is finished with soapstone.


Naturally beautiful

What is striking about the TT30S is its soapstone cladding; a natural material that stores the heat from the stove and releases it gradually after the fire has gone out.

The front is made of cast iron adding to the perfect design. A beautiful combination of two sturdy materials that look great together.


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