The minimalistic lines in the TT60 follow the trend of the time, where the focus is on the essential and simple.


Design enthusiasts will recognize that the inspiration for the design comes from, among other things Johan Otto von Spreckelsen’s modern Triumphal Arch, while the expression of the stoves follows the clean and timeless lines of our designunivers.

The inward lines of the cast iron door naturally direct the gaze towards the flame play of the combustion chamber. On the soapstone variant, this effect is further enhanced by the fact that the lines are carried further out into the stone itself – a detail that is repeated in the elegant wooden cladding of the discreet door handle. The handle is located at the bottom of the cast iron door, but can be moved up to the top if desired. As an option, the handle is offered in an exclusive oiled oak variant. The details are further emphasized by the sturdy 5 mm steel sides and top plate. The stainless steel moldings add an extra dimension to the design, highlighting the stoves simple lines.


The combustion chamber of 38 cm in width, meets the requirements of all known European standards. With an efficiency of as much as 83%, the TT60 is at the same high level as TermaTech’s other models. The floor models are equipped with a practical firewood door.

Common to all TT60 models is that they can be mounted and connected to the chimney both above and behind.