TT60 Series


The TT60’s minimalistic lines are in line with current trends, but take the mind back to the design of our first wood-burning stove – the TT1, with its focus on the simple essentials.

Design enthusiasts will recognise the inspiration we have taken from “La Grande Arche” in Paris, while the overall look of the stove continues the clean and elegant lines of the rest of our design range.

The receding lines in the cast iron door naturally lead the eye towards the living flames in the modern firebox. This feature is particularly emphasised in the soapstone variant, as the lines extend into the actual stone – a detail repeated in the elegant wooden casing of the discreet door handle.

The cast-iron door is easily opened with the smart handle in stainless steel and black-stained oak, and thanks to the magnetic two-point closure mechanism provides reliable operation without the wear caused by moving parts.

The handle is situated as standard at the base of the cast-iron door, but can be moved to the top if desired. The firebox is 37 cm in width, and is so far the cleanest burning example we have developed, meeting the requirements of all known European standards. With an efficiency of 83%, TT60 matches the same high level as TermaTech’s other models.

As an option, the handle in the TT60 range is offered in an exclusive oiled oak variant.

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The TT60 basic model is characterised by simplicity and clean, harmonious lines. The textured finish of the cast-iron door with its receding sides naturally leads the eyes towards the living fl ames in the firebox. The details are further underlined by the thick 5 mm steel sides and top plate. The stainless steel trim adds an extra dimension to the design, highlighting the stove’s simple lines.

A reinterpretation of a design classic at an attractive price.


The likeness with “La Grande Arche” is particularly marked when TT60 is clad with smooth diamondhoned stone sides, which in addition to their exclusive appearance have the advantage of the heat-storage properties of Brazilian soapstone. The resources of nature married to elegant styling.


TT60W is the wall-mounted woodburning stove in the TT60 range.
With its clean, minimalist design, it has been created for the classic modern home, where focus is on simplicity and function.

Mounting the stove on the wall gives it a particularly light, simple and elegant look, making the TT60W the centrepiece of the room when in use, but discreet and retiring at other times.

The TT60W is supplied with four adjustable feet. This means it can be mounted on a concrete slab or integrated into a concrete or brick feature.

With a depth of just 37 cm, the TT60W has the appearance of a small stove, but even so, it has a 38 cm wide burning chamber, making it very versatile in use.

The TT60W is supplied as standard with a closed top plate, but it can easily be converted for top outlet with a different, optional top plate. Other extra equipment includes oiled oak handles and a fresh air nozzle with outlet either at the base or the rear.


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