Wall-mounted minimalistic woodburning stove

With its clean design, it is created for the modern and timeless home, where the focus is on simplicity and function.
The TT60W becomes the center of the room when in use, but at the same time it is incredibly discreet when it is not.
With a depth of just 37cm, the TT60W visually looks like a small woodburning stove, but nonetheless, it has a firebox width of 38cm, making it very usable.
Wall-mounted wood-burning stoves also fit particularly well in smaller rooms, as they do not take up any floor space.
The TT60W is supplied as standard with a closed top plate, but can easily be converted to a top outlet using another top plate, which is optional

TT60W, brændeovn, væghængt brændeovn, TT60-serien

Nominal effect in kW: 6
Operating range in kW: 4-8
Efficiency %: 83
Heats m2: 30-120

Available accessories

Oak handle


Weight in kg: 115,5
Fresh air connection possible: Yes
Convection stove: Yes
Airwash: Yes
Ashdrawer: Yes
Controlhandle: 1
Connection at the top or rear: Yes/Yes
Colour Black: Yes
Colour Grey: No
Warranty, years up to: 5

CE/EN 13240 – HETAS, DEFRA(Smokeless zones), 15A, VKF, SINTEF, DINplus, BimSchV 1+2


Dimensions of the stove / Distances to combustible materials


TT60 serie