The TT80 range is the latest wood-burning stove collection from TermaTech. The stoves have an exquisite, but robust, design, with many incorporated functions to complete the stove and the experience. The door is made from 100% cast iron, and the same applies to the stove’s top plate. As standard, the TT80 is delivered with two heat radiation systems.
Through two heat vents, the user can choose between convection heating, whereby the heat from the stove is released as quickly as possible, and heat storage, whereby as much of the heat as possible is stored in the built-in Power Stone. The 20-kg Power Stone in the top of the stove works like a heat battery, and can absorb the heat and release it over an extended period. It is possible to switch between convection heat and heat storage at any time, using two small handles at the back of the stove.

Combustion is easily controlled using the stainless steel handle just below the door, while the built-in start-up function makes it easy to use the TT80. Accessories include a beautiful, heat-retaining soapstone front to complete the stove’s features and design, as well as a set of fire tools for the firewood compartment cover. The combustion chamber has a width of 42 cm, so that even the longest pieces of firewood can be added to the fire.