We produce wood-burning stoves that provide warmth on several fronts – in terms of design, price and the environment.

Who says that a wood-burning stove cannot be as appealing to the eye as it is efficient and environmentally friendly. When TermaTech’s architects embark on the design of a stove, the point of departure is that aesthetics, quality and efficiency must work together beautifully. After all, your new wood-burning stove is not something you will be moving around in the next few years: it must be pleasing to the eye, the environment and light on your wallet.

Wood-burning stoves

TT80S, brændeovn, nyhed TT80-serien

TT80 – attractive, robust design, with many incorporated functions

Our latest wood-burning stove collection is the TT80 range. With a stove from this range you can easily choose between convection heating and heat storage.

brændeovn, TT21R, bestseller, TT21-serien

Danish design with the focus on quality and price

When buying a TermaTech stove, you are guaranteed the highest quality. All our wood-burning stoves are approved by and meet the most stringent requirements in Europe.

Brændekurv, brænde

Accessories – create the perfect environment for your wood-burning stove

We have an extensive selection of accessories for your wood-burning stove. The selection includes everything from chimneys, extractors and floor plates to wood baskets and firetools.

A TermaTech wood-burning stove is an environmentally-friendly stove.

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“TermaTech is a brand that is built on a pure passion for wood-burning stoves. The comfort, warmth, design, price and quality. We are well aware that an incredible number of factors come into play when you want to develop the perfect stove. That is why we take great care to ensure that design and function are elevated to a higher level.”