The best wood-burning stoves for the price.

When you buy a TermaTech wood-burning stove you are getting an environmentally-friendly wood-burning stove featuring a high quality of craftsmanship.

The design is Danish and operating it is easy. The cost, however, is light on your wallet. We really want to give our customers a product that not only provides heat on cold days but is also a comforting investment in the long term. Here, we are thinking about the economics, the quality and, not least, the environment. It is a stunning piece of furniture for the family to gather in front of to watch the living flames and enjoy the ultimate in cosiness.

Our wood-burning stoves

Elipseformet brændeovn - tt21r

It’s difficult to choose just one of our stoves, but if we had to, it would be the TT21R.

The formula is simple: combine a good price with quality, package in a timeless design, with cast-iron details and user-friendly features – and you have a successful product.

NEWS 2020/2021