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Accessories for your stove

Accessories for your stove

The perfect home depends on the details. At TermaTech, we therefore have a wide selection of accessories, large and small, so it is easier for you to create the perfect space and environment for your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

The accessory is an important part of the stove / fireplace, as you not only use it for practical tasks in everyday life, but also have to look at it every day.

Our large selection of accessories consists of everything from fireplaces and wooden baskets to floorboards, pipes and chimneys. You will also find it in different colors, so you can put together exactly the accessories that suit your living room. Click here and find a local retailer of accessories for TermaTech stoves.

Cleaning and chimney cleaners

We have everything you need to keep your woodburning stove and your chimney clean and in shape. All the spareparts can be ordered from your local dealer. Here you see a part of our cleaning…

Firestarters and firelighters

Take care of our environment when you light your fire. TermaTech Bio firestarters are in their own league. These are made of wood shavings dipped in natural wax. Only 1-2 pcs. is enough to light the fire…

Firetools, tongs and brushes with dutspan

TermaTech offers a wide range of accessories and firetools. You will find the perfect match for your stove and home design. These firetools makes the work with your stove a lot easier and more comfortable…

Heatpower Heatspreader

Heat distribution with a TermaTech Heatpower is a brilliant way to get more out of your firewood. The heat from the stove generates the power for the fan which secures a good airflow and spreads…

Kindle Quick / kindling splitter

  • Brilliant tool for stoves, fireplaces and more
  • The easiest and most funny and safe way to split your logs
  • Split your logs in seconds
  • Safety ring 18x21cm and 5 years warranty

Logholders, logbaskets and wood storage

See our large range of logholders, woodcarriers and baskets, in different beautifull materials, colors and shapes. You can choose between many designs for your home and stove…


Safety is very important when you use your stove. We offer a carbon monoxid detector from Honeywell…

Thermometers / Moisturemeters

You can make different, helpfull and interesting meassurements on your stove or pipe. TermaTech offers a range of thermometers which helps you to secure the correct fire temperature…

Vacuum cleaners for ash

The vacuum cleaners spezialised for ashes, makes it a lot easier to clean your woodburning stove, the ashbox and the stove in general…

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