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It’s all about taking care of the environment

The environment is important to us all of us. Therefore, at TermaTech we strive to create environmentally-friendly products so that we are looking after the environment and, not least, each other. All of our wood-burning stoves are checked, tested and approved by recognised test institutions before they reach the end-user – just to make sure that they meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

With regard to the European standards which have been set for particle measurement and general emissions, all TermaTech wood-burning stoves meet these.

Wood-burning stoves and the environment – what matters?

Generally speaking, newer stoves and fireplaces are much more environmentally friendly than older models as the efficiency of newer models is higher.

However, it’s not enough that your wood-burning stove is new. It also needs an abundant supply of air. You see, insufficient air results in harmful particles in the smoke and soot is formed on the glass, inside the stove and in the chimney. Thus, the environment is polluted unnecessarily and the lifespan of both the stove and the chimney is reduced.

For this reason, the old myth about stoking a stove overnight should be forgotten.  You will put a strain on your stove, the environment and annoy your neighbours if you don’t make sure you have an adequate supply of air for combustion.

However, considering the environment is not just something you can do when choosing your wood-burning stove or fireplace – you can also make a contribution when you fire up. The fact is that if you fire up from the top you are saving the environment of up to 80% of the particles emitted during the firing-up stage.

Moreover, firing up with firewood is CO2 neutral – from an environmental point of view – as opposed to fossil fuels which contribute to global warming. So, when you heat your home using firewood in one of the newer wood-burning stoves, you can actually help to reduce Denmark’s CO2 emissions considerably.

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