TT80 Series

Sleek and robust design with many built-in features

The TT80 series has a sleek and robust design with many built-in features that complete the experience of the stove.

The width of the combustion chamber is a full 42 cm, so that even the longest pieces of firewood can be placed in the glowing beautiful fire.


Despite the wide combustion chamber, the stove is only 37cm deep, which makes it elegant and versatile in the interior design. The door and top plate are of course made of rustic cast iron.


The TT80 and TT80S are equipped with 20 Kg. Heat storage stone hidden in the top.
The stones act as heating batteries and can collect the heat and dissipate it over a longer period of time. If you choose TT80S with soapstone sides, the heat storage effect will be even more significant.

If the heat-storing front soapstone is selected, which completes the stoves function and design, the heat storage will be optimal. The combustion is easily controlled with the delicious stainless steel grip that sits just below the door and the built-in start-up function makes the use of the TT80 very easy and simple.

As an accessory, a fireplace set is available that can be integrated in the firewood door. Common to all TT80 models is that they can be mounted and connected to the chimney both above and behind.

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