Your right to a fault-free product

Provided that the wood-burning stove has been operated normally and in accordance with the instructions for use and operation, TermaTech will provide a 2 to 5 year warranty on materials and manufacturing faults in the supporting structure, excluding the combustion chamber.

The following combustion chamber parts are not covered by the warranty: Combustion chamber, cast-iron parts, insulation material, .baffle plates, glass, sealing bands and the closing mechanism/handle.

External parts not covered by the warranty: Lacquered plates/surfaces, stone covering, glazed tiles, concrete and glass and the closing mechanism/ handle.

The warranty does not cover faults resulting from:
  • The instructions for use and mounting not being followed.
  • Incorrect mounting.
  • Overheating/breakdown of materials caused by the use of, for example, the wrong type of fuel, fuel coke or excessive amounts of fuel.
  • Connection of the product to a chimney with a poor draught, for example, insufficiently long or leaky chimney.
  • The product being placed or having been placed/stored in unheated or damp surroundings.
  • Abuse or failure to maintain the product in accordance with the instructions.
  • All normal wear on wear parts/consumable parts and the lacquer.
  • Similar circumstances not arising from material or manufacturing faults.
The minor deviations below, which cannot constitute the grounds for a complaint, may occur in the product:
  • Naturally occurring variations in colour shades and marbling on the soapstone, sandstone and other stone coverings.
  • The occurrence of noises during combustion is normal. These occur when metal expands/extracts.


If any faults are present, which are covered by this warranty, upon delivery to the customer, or if any such faults arise during the warranty period, TermaTech A/S undertakes to send a suitable replacement component, free of charge, in order to remedy the fault. TermaTech A/S is under no further obligation to remedy the fault in the form of, for example, mounting of the replacement component. Other than being entitled to a replacement component, the purchaser is not entitled to claim any compensation in respect of direct or indirect damage or injury.

The repair of faults or replacement of product parts does not extend the period of validity of the warranty on the product or the replacement components. Nor will any new warranty period commence for either the product or the replaced component. In addition to the rules applicable to the warranty, the consumer also has the rights granted under the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Notification of any faults or defects must be made to the seller of the product. In such cases, the purchaser must be able to prove that the product was purchased from the seller and when it was purchased in the form of, for example, an invoice/purchase receipt. The purchaser must provide the type of model and production number specified on the product. If the purchaser wishes to make a complaint about a fault, the seller must be informed within a reasonable period of time, i.e. within 14 days of the fault being detected.