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Small stoves

Small stoves

Perhaps a small wood-burning stove would be better suited? For example for a holiday home or a garden house? If so then you are in the right place. Here we have gathered a selection of our small wood-burning stoves, including the TT20 Bazic, TT20 Bazic R, TT21RL, TT21RLS and TT60W.

Small wood-burning stoves are particularly suitable for rooms where the ceiling is not particularly high and are also the best choice for small rooms or holiday homes.


Low variant with rounded steel sides
  • Elliptical, black steel sides, low variant
  • Low placed combustion chamber, cold handle
  • Top plate in soapstone and black handle can be purchased
  • Cast iron bottom, top and door with magnetic closure


Simple design – fantastic price
  • Elliptical, steel sides
  • Low model, cold handle
  • Woodcomp. Can be equipped with a blind plate
  • Cast iron bottom and inner frame of the door


All the benefits at an amazing price
  • Straight steel sides, free-standing legs
  • Low model, cold handle
  • Open firewood compartment for storage
  • Cast iron bottom and inner frame of the door

Small stoves perfect for holiday homes

The holiday home is, as many know, not only pleasant to visit in the summer, but can be used all year round. Unfortunately the Danish climate is not reliable. So what could be nicer than throwing some logs in the stove and lighting the fire to warm up, thereby creating a cosy atmosphere!

Did you know that, according to data from the energy agency, around 60% of holiday homes in Denmark are equipped with a wood-burning stove? A wood-burning stove makes the holiday home pleasant and serves as a natural meeting point for the whole family. In addition, a wood-burning stove completes the furnishing of the house with its unique aesthetic expressions, which every home deserves.

TermaTech has a large selection of small stoves

If you are looking for a small stove you are in the right place. On this page you will find our collection of small stoves. We have both wall and floor-mounted stoves, stoves with straight and rounded sides, soapstone stoves and stoves in a wide variety of designs. We have stoves available for every need and taste.

One of the benefits of a small wood-burning stove is that it is easy to install it in your holiday home or home. It does not take up much space and is a pleasant contribution to the decor. A small wood-burning stove is therefore ideal for anyone looking for a stove in a small room or in a holiday home. Small stoves are perfect for giving off warmth, for creating atmosphere and for making a room feel cosy.

How to choose the right stove

When choosing a wood-burning stove you must first choose a size that is suitable for the area to be heated. But how do you know which size is suitable for the holiday home, for example? The size of a wood-burning stove is measured in power. In general it can be said that with a room height of 2.4 m the stove with 1kW heats 10 poorly insulated square meters, while 1 kW heats up to 20 well insulated square meters. Find this information under the description of our stoves. If the power of the wood-burning stove is excessive, the result will be blackened glass with soot, black smoke and an unpleasant smell, which will annoy you and your neighbours, as well as filling the room.

Where should you place your wood-burning stove? For this you need to consider the following: will the stove require the outlet at the top or at the back? How much weight can the floor hold? How far away is it from flammable materials?

Check what the legal requirements are before installing your wood-burning stove. The location naturally also depends on the choice of a built-in or a floor-mounted stove.

Light your stove with a clear conscience

You can burn in your stove without hesitation as burning with wood is a renewable energy source. We plant much more forest than we cut down in our part of the world. So the CO2 from your stove is absorbed into new trees.

If you have an old stove, it’s a good idea to replace it with a newer model. Modern wood-burning stoves emit 70% fewer particles than an stove from 2005.

Find your little stove – perhaps for the holiday home?

What all of our small stoves have in common is the fact that they weren’t just developed to warm you and your loved ones on cold days. They have also been designed to be a long-term investment. A small TermaTech stove translates into beautiful aesthetics as well as offering benefits for the environment and for the economy. All our small stoves are naturally approved according to the most stringent European requirements, as well as meeting the European standards for the particle measurement of emissions. This means that you will not need to replace your ThermoTech stove.
A small stove is perfect for anyone who lives in a small house. It doesn’t require a lot of space, but it still allows you to enjoy the atmosphere, as if it were a larger stove. A small stove can also be ideal for anyone wishing to use the stove as a secondary heat source or seeking to install a stove in their holiday home.

One of the greatest advantages of a small stove is that you can enjoy a real live fire, even if you live in a small house. It’s also much easier to find a place for a small stove.

If you want to place the stove in a larger room, a small stove would almost seem to be ‘dwarfed’ in it, making it difficult to see the flames from any part of the room. When choosing a wood-burning stove, it is therefore important to choose a stove that is suitable for the room, both in relation to how many square meters it has to heat and how it must blend in with the rest of the furniture.

A small stove is a good choice if you want to install it in a small room or holiday home because it doesn’t take up much space. In a holiday home the stove, in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, will function as a pleasant source of heat.

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