Automatic burners
(BioTronic 70 og 99)

The design and layout of BioTronic ensures an even and uniform flame throughout the combustion process. To guarantee the highest level of safety and comfort, BioTronic is equipped with no less than 4 sensors. These sensors are connected directly to the microprocessor and it guarantees that any irregularity in use will be detected immediately.

Fully automatic product

BioTronic is thus a fully automatic product that guarantees the highest comfort and safety. Our technology gives full control over an environmentally friendly, clean and beautiful fireplace without a chimney.

For easy and intuitive operation, BioTronic is equipped with a single communication panel that is hidden under a rocker flap. With a single press, the flame height is switched on and adjusted between standard or Eco mode. Alternatively, use the remote control.

It does not get simpler.

Benefits of our automatic burners

   No chimney
   Easy and safe to use
   Patented BEV Technology
   Automatic filling pump included
   No ash, smoke or odor
   Bioethanol – environmentally friendly
   Easy installation
   Remote control
   2 flame heights
   Infinite interior design options

Intelligent filling system

The intelligent filling system makes refilling easy and efficient and without the possibility of human error. The specially developed fuel pump communicates directly with the microprocessor via the power cable. The pump hose is connected directly to the tank with a click link.

This minimizes the risk of spillage and overfilling the fuel tank.
This makes BioTronic the safest choice.

BEV TechnologyTM (Burning Ethanol Vapors)
– the most advanced technology

The burner in our automatic biofireplace uses the patented BEV Technology TM. The technology ensures the cleanest possible discharge without smoke, odor or ash, gives you a better and safer experience with the bio fireplace and ensures a long burning time on the bioethanol.

The automatic biofireplaces are also equipped with 4 safety sensors that effectively detect any irregularities. With our automatic bio fireplace, you therefore get a fully controlled, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful bio fireplace.

1. Fuel tank with fuel level sensors
2. Automatic refill system
3. Microprocessor
4. Ethanol steam generator
5. Combustion area

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