Manual burners
(Bio 70 og 99)

In a manual burner, the ceramic inner core absorbs the bioethanol. The burner comes with a built-in safety because it is only possible to refill it when the burner is off. Both ignition and filling are done manually, and you are guaranteed a stable and economical combustion.

Advantages of our manual burners

   No chimney
   Easy and safe to use
   No ash, smoke or odor
   Bioethanol – environmentally friendly
   Easy installation
   Infinite interior design options


A biofireplace uses bioethanol for combustion. With our bioethanol you achieve beautiful natural golden flames. Our bioethanol is made from 100% natural vegetable residues.

When ethanol is burned, no soot, smoke or ash is evolved and its impact on the natural environment is completely neutral. Our bioethanol is of the highest quality, and it is recommended to use this type of ethanol exclusively in our burners, as other low-quality products can have a harmful effect (see warranty conditions).

Other types of bioethanol can cause odor nuisance and, in the worst case, damage your burner. It is important that there are no other additives in the bioethanol such as fragrances and flavors.

Beautiful natural flames
completely without the chimney

Enjoy the magical atmosphere created by flickering yellow flames without bluish and artificial reflections.

Since the combustion does not emit any significant residual products or smoke, a chimney is thus not necessary.

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