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TT22HS Black

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TT22HS Black

Black lacquered stone

Are you looking for a combination of heat storage and simplicity? Then the stove TT22HS-BLACK is the right solution. If you like best the design and simplicity of a black stove, but at the same time want the excellent heat storage properties from the stone, we have, as something unique, combined the two stoves by varnishing the stones black.

The firewood compartment is fitted with a practical door, and the ventilated handle means that you do not burn yourself when new firewood is to be added. With the new TT22HS Black, you can thus enjoy the stone’s fantastic heat storage capacity and still get the discreet appearance of the steel stove.


Weight in kg: 251
Fresh air connection possible: Yes
Convection stove: Yes
Airwash: Yes
Ashdrawer: Yes
Controlhandle: 1
Connection at the top or rear: Yes/Yes
Colour Black: Yes
Warranty, years up to: 5


Nominal effect in kW: 7,5
Operating range in kW: 5-10
Efficiency %: 82
Heats m2: 40-160

Available accessories

Cookingplate kit
Air connection kit


CE/EN 13240 – , DEFRA(Smokeless zones), 15A, VKF, SINTEF, DINplus, BimSchV 1+2
* Non-insulated flue ** Half-insulated flue


Dimensions of the stove / Distances to combustible materials

Other wood-burning stoves


Serious heat that beautifully accumulates.
  • Elliptical storage oven, extra soapstone
  • Wide combustion chamber and flame picture
  • Equipped with plinth and heating section in soapstone
  • Cast iron bottom and inner frame of the door


TT22HS is a fantastic heating piece of furniture.
  • Elliptical, soapstone, high variant
  • Wide combustion chamber and flame picture
  • Woodcompartment door
  • Cast iron bottom and inner frame of the door


Bright and lightly mottled Portuguese sandstone – Porto White.
  • Elliptical, Sandstone, high model
  • Wide combustion chamber and flame image
  • Wood compartment door
  • Cast iron in the bottom and the inner frame of the door


Rounded shapes with heat capacity
  • Elliptical, steel sides, low variant
  • Wide combustion chamber and flame picture
  • Open firewood compartment for storage
  • Cast iron bottom, top and inner frame of the door

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