Enjoy the fire from all sides

Supplied in traditional black stove colour with elegant rounded steel sides and cast iron top. The TT23RGS is equipped with a cold handle as standard and air flow spigot.

The TT23 series is one of two brand new stove series from TermaTech.

This is a wood-burning stove series that can satisfy all of the modern consumer’s needs and requirements. Easy operation and beautiful cast iron details wrapped in a stylish and timeless Scandinavian design featuring a large curved front window and two large side windows, means you can enjoy the fire from all sides.


Nominal effect in kW: 5,6
Efficiency %: 81
Heats m2: 30-120
Operating range in kW: 3-7


Weight in kg: 170 kg
Warranty, years up to: 5


Dimensions in mm

H / L / W: 1073 / 521 / 412

TT23 serie