Elegant design, high quality and easy operation

The TT30G CLASSIC is an elegant, high-quality wood-burning stove, which is easy to operate and at an extremely attractive price. These are the most important characteristics of
TermaTech’s new wood-burning stove – the TT30G Classic. Doors, top and combustion chamber are constructed from cast iron, which is an extremely robust material, that gives the stove a solid look and feel. The stove is also slimmer than many of our other models, making it seem light, despite the solid material

The TT30G has a striking design; simple, yet elegant. The characteristic receding lines of the door and the top draw the gaze to the flames, with the exquisite aluminium handle completing the stove’s stylish look. The vertical lines of the insulation material further emphasise the simplicity of the contemporary sleek Scandinavian design.

The cast-iron door is closed by means of two magnets, so that the closing mechanism does not have any movable wearing parts.Easy operation is also a must, so the regulating handle, which controls all of the air supply, is located between the door and the firewood storage compartment, making it easy to operate. The window is fitted with an effective “air wash” that blows the convection air


Nominal effect in kW: 5
Efficiency %: 81
Heats m2: 30-120
Operating range in kW: 3-7



Weight in kg: 128
Warranty, years up to: 5

Dimensions in mm

H/B/W: 1015/368/457


TT30 serie