Serious heat stored in the beautiful soapstone

Cladded with soapstone on the top and sides. Soapstone absorbs heat slowly and gives off the heat collected over a long period of time, even after the fire has gone out.
Soapstone is a pure natural material, and the appearance therefore varies from stove to stove.

Under the combustion chamber there is space for storing firewood, and the ventilated handle means that you do not burn yourself when new firewood is to be added.

TT22S, fedtsten, brændeovn, TT22-serien, brændeovnstop, brændeovn med fedtsten

Nominal effect in kW: 7,5
Operating range in kW: 5-10
Efficiency %: 82
Heats m2: 40-160


Cookingplate kit
Air connection kit


Weight in kg: 202
Fresh air connection possible: Yes
Convection stove: Yes
Airwash: Yes
Ashdrawer: Yes
Controlhandle: 1
Connection at the top or rear: Yes/Yes
Colour Black: Yes
Warranty, years up to: 5


CE/EN 13240 – HETAS, DEFRA(Smokeless zones), 15A, VKF, SINTEF, DINplus, BimSchV 1+2

* Non-insulated flue
** Half-insulated flue


Dimensions of the stove / Distances to combustible materials


TT22 serie