TT23RGS – Heatstorage

The TT23RGS variant, but with beautiful and extra powerful heat storage.

The stove is covered with nicely polished Brazilian soapstone, and with the extra heat storage module that this model has,
maximum heat storage is achieved, which collects and emits heat at one and the same time.
The advantage of soapstone in general is that it is a material that absorbs heat from the stove slowly, while at the same time gives off the same heat long after the fire has gone out. The heat dissipation from the oven is thus more even and you have enjoy it for a much longer time. In addition to the visible stones, there are also built-in extra storage stones in the top section. Especially for TT23RGS Heat Storage in particular, you can feel the effect of the soapstone up to 13 hours * after the last firing. The “side light” in the soapstone is, as something completely unique, cut and ground out of a single piece of soapstone, so that the stoves elegant and sleek lines are maintained without unnecessary joints in the stone.


Nominal effect in kW: 5,6
Efficiency %: 81
Heats m2: 30-120
Operating range in kW: 3-7


Weight in kg: 170 kg
Warranty, years up to: 5


Dimensions of the stove / Distances to combustible materials


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